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Managed Services for AWS

The AWS cloud expands what’s possible with web hosting. And we’re your partner through the transformation.

Good for: Marketing campaigns, media networks, ecommerce

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Your Cloud Made Simple

Amazon Web Services opens up new possibilities for how you create online experiences, but its complexities can tangle up your team. Media Temple supports your cloud transformation with a team of AWS-certified experts delivering personalized guidance, architecture, and optimization.

What We Do for You

Our AWS management service includes all the key components to getting you in the cloud and keeping you running there.







Made to Meet Your Needs

  • Our Support

  • Your Cloud

    • Fast response

      When you need an answer, you don’t need to wait. Our average time to first response is under 20 minutes, and our guaranteed response to emergencies is just 15 minutes.

    • Approachable experts

      Our US-based team of AWS-certified engineers is dedicated to providing you smart solutions with clear explanations. It’s why our customer satisfaction is at 97%.

    • Open access

      Reach out anytime and know you’ll never deplete your support. We’re on the job around-the-clock every day of the year, and you get unlimited support.

    • Expansively scalable

      With Amazon Web Services, you can leverage a seemingly infinite cloud of resources. And by continuously monitoring your environment, our architects ensure autoscaling is cost efficient.

    • Highly available

      AWS allows us to build smart redundancies across multiple data centers within any region, giving your sites extreme levels of resiliency and helping them survive catastrophe.

    • Extensively secure

      Robust end-to-end measures secure your AWS infrastructure. Leveraging AWS services like Amazon GuardDuty, we implement best practices to provide protection for your sites.

    Central Point of Contact

  • Overview
  • Oversight
  • Guidance
  • Action
  • At the core of your cloud experience is a Customer Success Manager, guiding your team and ours with a thorough understanding of your site and your priorities. A resource like this is typically only found in the most expensive cloud consultancies. But we’ve built our service around it, because of its impact on your success.

    As we plan your cloud environment, a Customer Success Manager gathers a full inventory of your site’s requirements and your key business objectives. With this information, your CSM guides the architecting, deployment, and continued maintenance of your cloud environment through its entire lifetime.

    With Media Temple, you’re never abandoned and always empowered. Your Customer Success Manager provides training on AWS concepts and services, guiding you on how to better utilize the cloud directly with your site or application. We also host regular review sessions with you – examining your cloud consumption and forecasts for the future.

    Your Customer Success Manager keeps an eye on your brand activity to help foresee events that might benefit from adjustments. When we see opportunities – like an announcement event or blowout sale – we’ll proactively reach out to discuss potential optimizations. And any work we do is included in your regular monthly service fee.

    Speed to Market

    For the typical project, our architects design and build out your entire cloud solution – from start to production – in under 2 weeks. That gives you more time to ensure a flawless launch.

    Case Study

    Rhino Group

    Rhino Group

    “Media Temple’s experts listened to our challenges and had our solution up and running in three business days. Media Temple also provided us immediate support as we were getting off the ground, as well as guidance around the strategy and execution for the final launch date.”

    – Justin Zarr, General Manager, Rhino Group

    Download Case Study (PDF)

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