SSL Certificates

The key to secure transactions on your site.

Starting at $75 per year


Confidence Starts with an SSL

The very first thing your customers see when they visit your site is the status of your SSL certificate. It’s right next to your URL in the form of a lock icon and the “https” prefix.

These indicators communicate that the user’s exchange with your site is secure, thanks to domain validation and data encryption. An SSL is required to accept credit card payments, and prevents browsers like Google Chrome from declaring your site as “Not Secure.”

We can’t overstate this: If you’re receiving sensitive information – addresses, credit cards, whatever – you need an SSL.

You can choose between three types of SSLs to apply directly to your Media Temple service.1 These SSLs are domain-validated (or DV), a straightforward and widely popular option that balances robust capabilities and easy implementation. Your site benefits from:

Domain validation

Google ranking boost

SHA-2 hashing algorithm with 2048-bit encryption

Unlimited server coverage

Automatic installation2

Padlock icon and https:// prefix for your visitors

Choose Your SSL

Select an SSL based on the number of sites you’d like to secure. Note that domain ownership will need to be verified in order to install the certificates.

Standard SSL
Multi-Domain SSL
Wildcard SSL
Sites covered

1 domain or

5 domains and/or

1 domain and
its subdomains

SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption

Domain validation

Google ranking boost

Padlock in address bar

Secure trust seal

1 Multi-Domain and Wildcard SSLs cannot be installed on Managed WordPress.
2 Some services may require manual installation (or maybe you’d just rather do it yourself). If that’s the case, check out our Knowledge Base for our guide on installing SSL certificates.
3 All domains and subdomains must be under the same ownership.

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