Security Pack

Protect your sites – and visitors – from malware and vulnerabilities. Our security suite is your frontline defense, with top-tier tools (including CDN, WAF, and Let's Encrypt SSLs) and an expert team.

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Take Security Seriously

Getting hacked could be bad news for your reputation and your online business. Phishing scams, botnets, and malware can be used to disable your site, access your customers' sensitive information, or worse.

But you don’t have to be a security expert to put your worries to rest. Media Temple works hand-in-hand with Sucuri to protect your sites with an intuitive, comprehensive security tool and team.

Unlimited malware removal

When trouble arrives, rest assured the Sucuri team has your back. They will do whatever it takes to repair your website.

Continuous scans

Your site’s always under watch for malware, cross-site scripting, SQL injections, SEO spam, and other issues.

Instant alerts

Get notified the minute a problem is detected. You can set up alerts through email, SMS, Slack, and more.

Extensive dashboard

Stop by for a quick status check or manually tune dozens of security settings from your security dashboard.

Extra Protection with the Media Temple Security Pack

  • WAF

  • CDN

    • Traffic control

      While allowing good traffic to pass, malicious requests are blocked and shown a warning page. You get detailed reports on what’s being blocked.

    • Expansively researched

      Machine learning correlates data across the network while human researchers maintain extensive blacklist signatures, providing a comprehensive playbook.

    • Bot & geo blocking

      Block the usual suspects. Hacking tools are automatically blocked, with the option to extend blocks to countries where attacks most frequently come from.

    • Protected pages & whitelisting

      Add extra layers of protection where needed. Passwords, CAPTCHA, 2FA, or IP whitelisting can be applied to your most sensitive pages using the firewall.

    • Global anycast network

      Make connections quicker with nine total points of presence (POPs) in major traffic regions, equipped with proprietary tech.

    • Fast HTTP/2 support

      Parallel downloads over HTTP/2 boost speed and can be unleashed with a single click from the CDN’s dashboard.

    • Smart caching options

      Three levels of content caching let you fine tune performance based on the unique needs of your websites.

    • GZIP compression

      Compression automatically reduces the file and page size sent over the network, dramatically improving site speed.

    Integrated with Let's Encrypt

    SSLs have become a practical requirement for every site, and Let's Encrypt's free certificates help sites cover the basics. From your dashboard, you can have these SSLs automatically installed and renewed, saving you from the work of reinstalling every 90 days.

    Pick Your Plan

    Our Security Pack is available for all Media Temple hosting customers.

    Security Pack – 1 Site
    Security Pack – 5 Sites
    Malware scans

    Site vulnerability scans

    Blacklist scans

    Instant alerts

    Manual malware cleanups

    Web application firewall (WAF)

    Content delivery network (CDN)

    Let's Encrypt SSL integration

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