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We are no longer accepting new customers as we prepare to move current Media Temple customers to GoDaddy. Please visit GoDaddy to purchase new hosting products.
To learn more about this change, please visit our Customer Migration FAQ page.


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The host for your domain

Simplify your online presence — keep domains, hosting, email, and more right here at Media Temple. A single, simplified Account Center connects your services centrally.

No-Excuses Support

Got questions? You're never far from answers. Our US-based support gets you to the right solutions quickly, and we're available from 5 am to 7 pm Pacific Time by chat, Twitter, and phone.

Protect Your Info

With domain privacy, your personal information stays out of the public WHOIS directory. So, you stay in control of who gets your name, address, email, and phone number.

$2 for the first year, $8 each year after.


Expand Your Brand

Build confidence with clients and collaborators using custom email, video conferencing, document sharing, and more. It's all under your domain with G Suite by Google Cloud.


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It's time to find the domain for your great idea.

.com, org, .net, .co, .info, .xyz, .agency, .media, .social, .biz, .pro, .studio, .io