What security measures are protecting my sites on the Grid?

Our Grid servers are housed in secure, guarded, Tier 3+ data centers on both coasts, where they’re extremely well protected from physical threats. We strive to maintain best practices for security across all our products and services. Some of the security measures in place for the Grid include:

  • Grid support.

    On the front lines of the fight against online security threats, you’ll find our own team of in-house security engineers. Our dedicated Grid experts are constantly on the lookout for evolving online threats, making updates and patches behind the scenes to keep your websites secure.

  • CloudTech Security.

    For your most crucial applications — like e-commerce sites or important client projects — our CloudTech Premium Support team can provide an extra level of security. The CloudTech Security Pack subscription includes proactive security monitoring, instant alerts, automatic malware cleanup, and professional blacklist removal. We also offer emergency malware cleanups on demand.