What is Auto-Scaling MySQL?

Auto-Scaling MySQL technology provides the behind-the-scenes power your websites need to handle intense bursts of database activity on-demand. A suite of exclusive tools developed by (mt) constantly monitor your database for bursts in activity and automatically spring into action with on-the-fly migrations to a temporary MySQL Burst Container as needed. When the burst subsides, your databases are automatically migrated back to the SmartPool. Here’s how it works:

  1. Tahiti load-leveling technology.

    The constant monitoring of the Tahiti load-leveling system identifies overloaded databases within the MySQL SmartPool and prepares them for scaling.

  2. Transparent database migration.

    Your database is backed up and duplicated into a dedicated MySQL Burst Container invisibly as your website continues to operate.

  3. Smooth scaling.

    After the initial duplication is complete, a friendly scaling message is displayed in place of your website as an additional sync is applied to ensure no data loss. This usually takes less than 5 minutes.

  4. Bursting complete.

    An email is sent notifying you that your database is now serving data from your temporary Burst Container until the high load subsides (up to 7 days).

  5. Zero-intervention database scalability.

    Our MySQL SmartPool system automatically identifies intense bursts of database activity and transports your databases into a MySQL Burst Container. This proprietary system delivers a dedicated instance of MySQL with the isolated resources your applications demand during traffic spikes.

How many MySQL users can I have on my Grid service?

Each Grid service is deployed with a single database user capable of creating up to 100 databases. Each Grid service in the SmartPool system can then create up to 4 more MySQL users, bringing the total to 5. Permissions which include database access, read only and read/write capabilities, can be set on a per user, per database level. More users can be created by adding an optional MySQL GridContainer to your service. The MySQL GridContainer Lite comes with 10 MySQL users, Pro includes 20 users, and Advanced supports up to 50 users.

Can I access my databases from external applications?

Yes. Each Grid service comes with a unique address that will allow you to access your databases from outside the (mt) Media Temple network. For your protection, you will need to add the IP addresses you will be connecting from before you can gain external access. Please see the Database section of the Server Guide for more information. Detailed instructions are available in this Community article.

How much MySQL database storage do I get?

There is a 4GB limit on total database size. If you burst beyond this, then you will be put into the appropriate sized MySQL GridContainer. Customers have the option to purchase a separate MySQL GridContainer to provide additional database storage. Please read the MySQL GridContainer FAQ for details.

What is a MySQL Burst Container?

A MySQL Burst Container is a single-tenant MySQL GridContainer that is allocated to you automatically, in real time, when the SmartPool system recognizes sudden spikes in database traffic. This unique feature allows your databases to scale beyond the guaranteed SmartPool resources, helping you survive temporary traffic bursts resulting from press releases, mass blog coverage, Reddit™, etc.

Do MySQL Burst Containers cost extra?

No. MySQL Burst Containers are an automatic part of our MySQL SmartPool v2, included at no extra cost.

How long will I have access to a MySQL Burst Container?

You will have access to your MySQL Burst Container for up to three full days.

What happens after three days?

The SmartPool will analyze your MySQL usage patterns and send you an email with additional MySQL options that are available.

During peak usage, will (mt) shut down my site’s instance of MySQL?

No. However, please note: Although the limits of the Burst Container far exceed traditional shared hosting resources, it is possible to exceed the limitations of your Burst Container, which may affect your website’s performance.

How many times can I temporarily scale using a MySQL Burst Container?

Each Grid plan comes with two MySQL Burst Container cycles each month. If you exceed two in any month, you will receive an email notification outlining your options.

How can I purchase a permanent MySQL GridContainer?

Permanent MySQL GridContainers can be purchased and instantly activated 24/7 from inside your Account Center.

How many databases can I have on the SmartPool v2?

Each Grid service can have up to 100 databases in the SmartPool v2 system. To protect the system against abuse, there is also a maximum allowable limit of 10,000 database tables, regardless of the number of databases. Not to worry, though – most applications that use a database don't even approach these limits under normal circumstances.