Does the Grid come with email service?

Yes, the email solution included with Grid is an all-in one system featuring powerful tools for managing email.

Upgraded infrastructure.
Mail by (mt) is built on a powerful infrastructure to deliver fast, supported email — at no additional cost. Grid’s built-in email system is also run on entirely separate servers. Which means you can send and receive email all day long without ever affecting your website’s performance.

Contact management tools.
Mail by (mt) lets you access all your contacts from anywhere and share them with anyone, through a number of supported clients and mobile devices. Our address book system features a drag and drop interface, support for photo thumbnails and Vcards, and more, so you can sort and use your contact information any way you want.

Calendars you won't forget.
Create calendar entries, share your events, and get reminders—all from your choice of browser or mobile device. Monthly, weekly, and daily views will keep you on top of your schedule, and your Grid mail’s easy-to-use interface lets you quickly create, move, and resize scheduled events with just a click.

Full IMAP support.
Mail by (mt) features an easy-to-use, intuitive browser interface, with full MIME support and a rich HTML email editor built right in. With full IMAP support, it’s also quick and simple to set up your favorite desktop or mobile app to access your Grid mail.