How easy is it to upgrade or downgrade my DV plan?

It’s incredibly easy. Feel free to start small and grow big, or the other way around. Regardless of your service level, integrated account controls and instant provisioning give you the power to choose the level of resources you need, and the freedom to change your mind. Once you have a DV account, just visit your Account Center to make any changes.

Note: With our SSD product, we do not (yet) allow instant upgrades from drive-based DV to SSD-based DV plans. Please contact sales for more options.

Can I upgrade my DV server without a migration?

We like to reserve extra resources on each host machine. In almost all cases, we can accommodate upgrades without a migration. In rare cases when a migration may be necessary, automation will be used to minimize downtime.

Can I migrate from DV Developer to DV Managed?

Yes, you are more than welcome to migrate to DV Managed. However, you will be responsible for migrating your content, including email and databases.

Will Media Temple migrate my service?

Yes, our premium migration service is provided by our in-house team of CloudTech engineers, and it is available as an add-on to your Media Temple account. CloudTech migration specialists can move your sites, domains, and applications to Media Temple for you -- it is fast, easy, and we do all the work. Other premium server admin services such as on-demand server tuning and on-call hosting support may also be available. See our Advanced Support section for more information and ordering instructions.

In addition, some articles published in our Knowledge Base can help you make decisions before starting a migration, and for reference during and after.

How can I add more resources to my DV?

Scale your DV with the touch of a button, without any complicated migrations. Automated, 24/7/365 upgrades are just a few clicks away in your Account Center, with most upgrades occurring instantly with no downtime. Need to scale to a monster, single-tenant box? Go big with a Dedicated Server.

The Account Center offers these options 24/7. You can up-scale DV to the next resource level at any time. Add-on services such as additional IP addresses are also available.

How long does it take to up-scale to a bigger DV service?

If you have a DV with 8GB of RAM or smaller, the up-scale typically happens almost instantaneously. Up-scaling from 16GB or 32GB can take a bit longer, as your IP address may change and DNS is involved. Either way, the process is automated and can be initiated via the Account Center, which makes it VERY easy to do. Likewise, down-scaling is easy and instant.

Can I keep my IP addresses?

IP addresses are not elastic. If you are moving from outside of Media Temple, your IP address will change. If you are moving within Media Temple, a change of IP address may be required.

Will my DV service remain in the same data center?

DV servers are provisioned in our northern Virginia and Los Angeles data centers. If you have questions please contact our Sales team.

How long does migration take?

This is difficult to predict, due to the number of factors involved. Each case will be different. Please see our Knowledge Base article for a thorough exploration of this subject.

How much does it cost to migrate?

Most migration methods involve the purchase of new DV service while your older DV service also remains open. During this "overlap" period, both services are billable. In the event that file transfer during the migration exceeds your bandwidth allocation, the standard overage rate of $0.15/GB would apply. As always, after the old service is closed, Media Temple will pro-rate the daily cost and automatically apply any resulting credit to your account.

What might affect DV migration?

We manage networking for you. The only part you need to engage with is the new IP address(es) and DNS TTL settings to expedite the switch-over.