What guidance do you have available to help me get started reselling?

It’s easy to resell Media Temple hosting on your DV. Your control panel gives you the power to allocate separate resources for each client, run your own private nameservers, and brand the control panel with your company's identity. Provide each client with separate access to their own control panel while you manage all of your clients from one top level view. You can even host as many domains as you want by upgrading to an unlimited Plesk license.

How does DV Managed help me resell hosting services?

  • Easily create customer accounts and subscriptions.
  • Set restrictions for your customers as needed.
  • Run private nameservers if you wish.
  • Brand the control panels with your logo.
  • Control panel for your customers enforces access restrictions.
  • Use your control panel to set up and manage email accounts.
  • Offer your customers a choice of AtMail or Horde webmail client.
  • Plesk Application Vault or cPanel Application Catalog enables your customers to easily install applications.

How many websites can I host on a single DV?

DV has no restrictions on the number of websites you host on a single service. However, keep in mind that having sufficient resources is also a factor.

To help our customers, we have provided 6 levels of memory, storage, and bandwidth to choose from. So as traffic to your sites increases, you can apply more resources to support them. Please see our DV product page for pricing information.

Are there any licensing restrictions on the number of domains I can host on a single DV Managed server?

DV Managed with either Plesk 12 (or greater) or cPanel has no restrictions on the number of domains supported.