What hardware do you use for Dedicated Servers?

There are no compromises here. Our Dedicated services are powered by Hewlett-Packard Proliant DL-Series machines featuring multi-core Intel Xeon processors and high-performance Kingston SSD storage. These servers are just plain fast.

What’s so great about the servers you use?

High-grade data center equipment means less maintenance, better reliability, and more uptime. The The Dedicated platform lives in our top-tier data centers and is powered by HP server hardware and top-quality networking equipment. Which translates to better connectivity, fewer hardware failures, and a better hosting experience all around.

One common cause of server slowness is slow disk performance. Unlike most utility VPS platforms, our DV servers use only high-speed Kingston SSD storage built specifically for data center use. So disk performance won’t cause traffic bottlenecks on your server.

Where are the DV servers located?

All DV Developer and DV servers are currently provisioned in our Virginia data center (VA-IDC4).