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We are no longer accepting new customers as we prepare to move current Media Temple customers to GoDaddy. Please visit GoDaddy to purchase new hosting products.
To learn more about this change, please visit our Customer Migration FAQ page.
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Ecommerce – Hosted by Media Temple

Take control of your storefront by self-hosting your ecommerce site with Media Temple.

Why host ecommerce at Media Temple?

Sized for Your Business

Run a full-catalog superstore or just sell a few prints on the side. Whatever your scale, there’s a hosting solution that provides a smooth and speedy highway to conversions.

Secure from Hacks

Thwart hackers, protect customers, and save the day. Integration with renowned security experts Sucuri can scrub out malware, block traffic from high-risk countries, and more.

Made to Respond

When an enticing sale delivers a spike in traffic, you shouldn’t fret. We’re all about elasticity, and we can set you up on a solution that flexes when your customers come sprinting.

The Space for Your Storefront

Streamlined for spin-up

The easier it is to get your store up and running, the more quickly you can focus on generating sales. Our hosting solutions boast tools that simplify the process, including one-click installs of popular open-source platforms.


Ecommerce platforms aren’t simple, and our hosting is designed to handle their complexity efficiently. Your customers get the responsiveness they expect.

Thoroughly supported

Countless factors can affect your site, and our team’s here to solve any hosting issues. Even if a question is out of our scope, we strive to help you find answers.

Customer Spotlight



Maptote started as small as small gets, with the co-founders trying their luck door to door. Now the business's products can be found in stylish boutiques in any major city in the world.

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