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Whether you’re a blog or a content hub, Media Temple gives you the framework to expand.

Why host media sites with Media Temple?

Dependably Online

We have high standards for uptime and constantly work to ensure your hosting stays up. If we have to perform maintenance, you’ll know. And we can work with you to minimize its impact.

Thoroughly Secured

When your audience can come from anywhere, your threats can too. We keep close watch over our platform servers, and our robust security tools can guard (and clean) your sites.

Resiliently Designed

You know your usual traffic, but every once in a while a post goes off the charts. Our hosting solutions burst resources to account for the unexpected, without punishing you.

Ready for Your Publication

Bring your media-rich catalogs of content to Media Temple, and have confidence we’re ready to extend their reach with speed and ease.

Ready for Your CMS

Our platforms were designed with content management systems in mind. And if you want fine-tuned optimization, our cloud service includes a custom build based on your needs.

Ready for Your Audience

We use high-end hardware and top-tier data centers because it all helps produce consistent, exceptional performance – the smooth experience your site’s visitors expect.

Ready for Your Questions

Web publications are deeply entwined with their hosting platforms, and even the best developers will face unexpected issues. We’re here to help solve them.

From the Blog

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We may be entering a typographic revolution. Variable font technology, which enables a single font file to behave like multiple fonts, is a hot topic and Bianca Berning explains why.


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